Taking the Plunge into the Social Marketing Pool

Just last week I met with a prospective client, an older businessman with a hugely successful financial portfolio and a slight case of ADD. I’ve known him for years and he wanted to get together to discuss his restaurant’s website and how to improve his marketing. I came prepared with a complimentary written analysis of is website’s online presence just an ice-breaker, of course.

As I was diving into recommendations for his Facebook interactions, his landing page, and telling him about the marvels of Pinterest, he nodded in agreement but started to fidget, and get an uncomfortable look on his face. He didn’t know anything about Pinterest and was completely overwhelmed with the concepts behind social marketing for business. He said he would like to get a Twitter account but doesn’t have anyone to tweet. I gave him a sympathetic smile and assured him that could easily be addressed.

“Can’t you just give me a list of what I need to do?” he finally asked. It was then that I realized how much I take my OCD research syndrome for granted. If I don’t know something, I make a large cup of Joe, sit myself down in front of the computer, and Google away. My finance is always amazed at how many hours I can spend late at night locked into a research session, absorbing all the information I can find on a subject.

As far as social marketing goes, there are endless online resources for which to gather insight. My iGoogle page is loaded with RSS feeds from the top social marketers and leading analysts.  If you are looking for some here are a few faves: Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Marketing Blog. And yet, I digress, I am still learning because social marketing is a fluid, ever-evolving discipline that never seems to bottleneck. But still, it’s out there, floating in internet space, ready and ripe for the picking. I tell all of my clients about these easily accessible and free online treasure troves. “You can do it!”, I cheer.

But I felt for Mr. ADD-Successful-Businessman, because not everyone is fascinated with Google analytics and search engine optimization. SERPs just aren’t cocktail conversation, I guess. They just want to run their business. I get it. So I decided to prepare a short list of concepts, for starters, just for those that maybe have a Facebook page, but the rest of the conversation sounds like a lecture from Charlie Brown’s mother. And I’m thankful because without Mr. B, I would have one less thing to write about. So thanks, Mr. B for giving me the inspiration for my next post!


2 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge into the Social Marketing Pool

  1. So many people think social media is a “scary place” to market… but what you have to remember is it’s made up of everyday people like you and me. This is a great article, and I love a lot of the principles in it – social media marketing is indeed about the sharing of thoughts and ideas. All you need to do is take a breath, hold your nose, and jump in the pool.

    • Thank you Patrick, for your comments! The social media is also a great tool to share the “personality” behind your brand and just like life offline, being a good citizen, listening to your audience, and offering useful resources goes a long way.

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